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Special Tributes

If you have anything specific that you were looking for such as animals, football shirts or shields, chocolate bars or something truly bespoke, let us know and we will always try to accommodate and tailor to your specific needs. Call us on 01702 203215 or email us and we will be happy to give you a quote

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Chocolate Bars

If the person you want to remember was a chocoholic and had a favourite chocolate bar then we can help celebrate them with a special design of their favourite.


Everyone loves animals and if the person you wanted to remember loved a particular animal whether it be from land, sea or air, we can create something very special to remember them by

Football Shirts and Shields

For those dedicated to a beautiful game, we can create a special shield bearing the logo of their club or even a football shirt bearing the colours

Custom Bespoke Items

If there is anything specific that you wanted to remember that special someone then we can design and create something truly unique for you

Special Tributes: Products
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